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The Handbook of Vintage Remedies: The Modern Family's Guide to Herbal Medicine

By Jessie Hawkins, MH
Vintage Remedies

Spring Hill, Tennessee

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies is a great resource and reference tool for any family that desires more natural solutions to everyday health issues. Jessie Hawkins, a Master Herbalist and the founder of Vintage Remedies, shares her wealth of knowledge in the area of herbology in an easy-to-read manner.

The text begins where any natural health book should--with the importance of diet, lifestyle choices, prevention, and immunity as a broader approach to a greater state of health. The chapters address how a family that desires natural treatment options for everyday illnesses can achieve renewed health through the use of herbs. Ms. Hawkins presents an alphabetical listing of common maladies and the suggested herbal remedy. Dosing is limited in this text, but that is within the normal constraints of such a resource. The reader is directed to the natural health store to purchase the herbs, and there most products are clearly marked by the manufacturer.

Hawkins also provides an alphabetical listing of the most common herbs used in natural medicine. Under each herb, there is a general description followed by information on when to use it, when to avoid it, and also its appropriateness as a culinary medicine.

The closing sections of the book address harvesting your own herbs, natural cleaning and skin care formulas, as well as information for further learning through the Vintage Remedies programs.

As a homeschooling mom who chooses to use natural remedies, I find The Handbook of Vintage Remedies a great choice as a textbook for a self-study course in herbal medicine for any Jr. High or Sr. High student. It would also be a great place to start for the family that has always wanted to treat their families naturally but just doesn't know where to start.

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2009

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