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The Drawing Breakthrough Kit - A Shortcut to Drawing Confidently with Simple Lines

John Hastings
Draw 3 Lines Publishing

PO Box 1522
Hillsboro, OR 971232

To learn music, you practice scales. To learn to draw, you practice drawing lines. This kit provides unique practice in perfecting the three building blocks of drawing: straight lines, circular lines, and elliptical lines.

The kit has a series of exercise sheets with drawing sheets beneath them. The full sketch is shown on the exercise sheet. The practice sheet is lacking some elements. The student is to place their piece of tracing paper on the practice sheet, tracing some given elements and imitating some missing elements. Next, the student takes their completed piece of tracing paper and places it over a comparison sheet. Students are encouraged to practice and compare until mastery. In each attempt, the grid background provides less and less guidance until the student is copying the image nearly freehand.

A few other compositions are given to practice this technique. I found myself wishing the kit was longer with more exercise illustrations!

The author's goal was to reduce the process of drawing into small, achievable steps, resulting in this unique system to learn to draw with simple lines.

Providing precision and practice, this kit consists of a 44 page instruction book, tracing paper for use in the exercises, tape to stabilize the tracing paper and 2 drawing markers. Grab this nicely done resource and get drawing!

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, May, 2009

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