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A Pirate's Quest For His Family Heirloom Peg Leg / The Riddle in a Bottle DVD

A Pirate's Quest For His Family Heirloom Peg Leg
By Laura Sams and Robert Sams

The Riddle in a Bottle DVD
(Based on the book A Pirate's Quest)
Carl R. Sams II Photography, Inc.

361 Whispering Pines
Milford, MI 48380

"On the shore of a tiny lake far from the sea, a one-legged pirate sat and cried."

And so begins the tale of a sad pirate on a quest to find his lost heirloom peg leg that fell into a tiny lake and was washed away in the night. It's not just any peg leg you see, it was worn by his one-legged grandpappy and passed down to his pappy and then to him. The pirate realizes that if the water could carry his leg, it could carry him, too. You'll follow him as he journeys along the moving water, passing wildlife along the streams and river and the choppy waters of the sea. You'll peer through his telescope over the horizon and swim along through the seaweed and waves as he follows the currents. From island to island he searches and vows to never stop his quest until he has his heirloom leg to pass down to a one-legged son or daughter. Be there, when his determination finally brings this pirate to the treasure that he seeks!

Throughout this beautiful book, there are realistic oil painted illustrations of plants and wildlife. Children will learn about the wetlands, the ocean, coastline and reef. Not to mention, this story is just plain fun! You can even download the song that inspired the story from a link provided in the book. The website is a wonderful resource for teachers and parents, with coloring pages and several educational links for the water cycle and more. You may already be familiar with the "Stranger in the Woods" books and love them as I do. If so, you will be happy to know that A Pirate's Quest has the same publisher!

The Riddle in a Bottle DVD inspired the book A Pirate's Quest. It was created by the same authors and filmmakers, brother and sister team, Laura and Robert Sams. They are the real life inspiration for the one-legged pirate and his two-legged sister in the book. In fact, it is said that Laura Sams makes some pretty good "pirate ship cookies" just like the sister in the story! They also star in this 30 minute film as of all things, a brother and sister team called, "The Riddle Solvers."

While fishing, they catch a "magic bottle" that holds a special message. What connects all life together? It's a riddle that they must solve with the help of aquatic wildlife like a darling baby turtle and some funny fish who sing about the rhythm of the sea. Of course, we can't forget a certain singing pirate who makes his appearance! There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this great educational video and yet the photography is breathtaking. Children will learn about moving water, currents, the tide, and weather. There are also bonus features on this DVD which show the making of the book A Pirate's Quest. Also, teachers will be happy to know that if you pop the DVD into your computer, you'll have printable activities for your students!

This brother and sister team has directed two of our favorite nature films, Stranger in the Woods: The Movie and Lost in the Woods: The Movie. Now, we can add The Riddle in a Bottle to that "favorites" list as well. We thoroughly enjoyed both the book and the DVD and would highly recommend them.

Product Review by Amy Christy, Marketing Assistant- Special Projects Team, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February, 2009

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