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First Choice Only Choice

By Bill Thompson
Wine Press Publishing Group

1730 Railroad St.
Enumclaw, WA 98022

First Choice Only Choice by Bill Thompson is a book that encourages young adults and teenagers to be more thoughtful and less emotionally driven when it comes to the process of finding a mate. Mr. Thompson saw what a hard time Christian teens and young adults had in keeping pure as the Bible teaches and thought this book would offer a dose of wisdom where it is lacking.

In reading this book, you become aware that a better way than dating is needed to keep a pure heart and mind. The author makes some good points, but he doesn't point back to the Word every time. He tries to use common sense and anecdotal evidence to prove his claims. I wish he had fleshed out his ideas with further detail. Because of the haste with which the author urges the reader on to the end, the book takes on a choppy tone.

Nevertheless, this book would be a wonderful intro for a parent of a teenage child. A teenager would probably love the way Mr. Thompson brings up certain issues and then leaves the details for the reader to flesh out. This would no doubt press the teenager to ask his parents questions or maybe even start a Bible study to find the answers. This book would actually lend itself well to a teen Bible study group. The chapters are short enough to cover while still allowing the meat of the topic to be researched away from the book.

Mr. Thompson has written a wonderful guide for the young adult and teenager to use as an introduction to the topic of relationships. His heart for purity is clearly seen as he gives the advise of a father to his children. Young people would be wise to take heed to his words.

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February 2009

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