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Tell Me a Story--Circus Animal Adventures


170 West 74th Street
New York, NY

Anyone raising small children would benefit from going to the delightful eeBoo website to browse their colorful, artistic learning toys. The company's product designers pride themselves in creating beautiful, solidly constructed toys that little ones will remember years from now. They use only original artwork from well-known children's book illustrators to create vibrant works of art that can be played with! On the site you will find sturdy puzzles, wall charts, tot towers, sketchbooks, notebooks, games, and much more.

The delightful Tell Me a Story products are especially wonderful. I feel strongly that one of the best ways to become a good speaker and writer is through lots of practice with language--reading, listening to stories, and telling stories. So naturally I am a strong proponent of products that help children use language. We often like to tell stories to one another in our family, and, quite honestly, it is often difficult to come up with ideas for creative storytelling. This product is very useful to that end. These simple but intriguing drawings on 3x4 cards can be used in a variety of ways. Eeboo suggests three chief ways, offering variations to each: (1) Your child can tell you a story using one or more cards at a time. The pictorial details lend themselves to linking picture to picture with a little imagination. (2) With 2 or more players, a limited number of cards is dealt to each. See who can come up with the wackiest story. (3) Let your child choose cards, and then you tell her a story.

In this 36-card set, you will find a picture of a caravan of trucks carrying circus supplies with a dog observing on the side, a treasure chest full of dog bones, a dog doing a hand-stand, a lion pushing a wheel barrow, a cat on stilts, and a monkey peering behind a box of fireworks--to name just a few. Think of the fun stories you or your little one might come up with. You may have been doing this exercise naturally with picture books since before your baby was even talking. This wonderful product will facilitate even more adventurous and wacky tales.

Product review by Tammy Walker, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December 2008

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