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Pop-Up Flash Cards Animal Alphabet

School Zone Publishing Company

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Learning the alphabet can be fun and exciting when you use the Pop-Up Animal Alphabet flash cards designed for children ages 3 to 6. The cards are printed on the front with one letter of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase; you have to guess which animal is inside! Open it up to find cute pop-up animals which teach children beginning sounds. For further interest and to reinforce the beginning sounds, backs of the cards have picture scenes with three more objects that start with the letter of that card. For example, the H card features a hamster on the inside; on the back he would find a hippo and horse because those animals also begin with the letter H. The pop up cards have a clever three dimensional look to them and come in a portable storage box with handle that makes carrying them around fun and easy for little hands.

I used these with my toddler starting around age 30 months and he learned the names of animals such as the flamingo, yak and umbrella bird! Of course, he had his favorites such as the camel and newt! At first, each time I got out the Pop-Up Animal flash cards, we would look through them all saying the name of the letter then saying the name of the animal. As he became more familiar with the names of the animals we began naming the objects on the backs of the cards. Since the cards are so easy to use, he could handle them and look at them while I was busy doing other activities with my older children. The cards are just the right size for little hands and have a glossy finish which is nice to touch. The cards are quite sturdy and hold up well with daily use.

These cards make a great addition to any family, whether your child is homeschooled or goes to preschool, they will have fun looking at the brightly colored cards and learning their alphabet! A perfect activity to take along while traveling, too! The compact size and great price would make them the perfect gift for any young child.

Product Review by Rebecca Huff, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December, 2008

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