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G. A. Henty Short Story Collection, Vol 1

Jim Weiss
Greathall Productions, Inc.

Post Office Box 5061
Charlottesville, VA 22905

The G.A. Henty Short Story Collection, Volume 1, is a 70 minute audio production of two G. A. Henty short stories. This CD contains Frontier Girl and Surly Joe.

Frontier Girl is the story of 15 year old Mary and her adventures in the late 1700's while her parents take a trip to the nearest town. Mary is a courageous girl and a good role model for both girls and boys. Surly Joe, set in the 1890's, tells the story of a sea captain and the difficult choices he must make. I can't say more or I will give the story away. You will have to buy the CD to hear what the captain chooses.

My children (ages 8, 13, 16, and 19) enjoyed both productions. My son liked Surly Joe more than Frontier Girl. My husband and I enjoyed both and have listened to them several times.

Jim Weiss has over 25 years of storytelling experience. He knows when to pause for suspense, when to raise and lower his voice, and how to hold the attention of a mixed age group.

I highly recommend Greathall Productions audio productions for car trips, quiet time, and family nights. Greathall Productions produce high quality audio CDs (and some cassette tapes) that will be enjoyed by all types of families. After hearing Frontier Girl and Surly Joe, I wanted to rush to the computer and order more CD's!

Product Review by Tina Rice, Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2009

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