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The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women DVD

A Gunn Brothers Documentary
Gunn Productions LLC

The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women DVD is 54 minutes in length, with an additional 26 minutes of unique interview footage. At the start of the DVD you may choose to play the DVD in its entirety, play by chapters, or play the bonus footage. Created for all the daughters, moms, and grandmothers of the faith, this documentary is a blast of admonition against the feminist movement. Much of the discussion centers on a 16th-century essay by John Knox. His reference to a "regiment" was directed at the reign of queens at that time, and not to any part of an army. At the time, Mary I (a Roman Catholic) was Queen of England, and she was persecuting protestants. John Knox stated it was monstrous for women to be put in charge. The documentary may be useful for those studying the 16th century, the great reformers, or the feminism movement. The DVD does not come with any additional materials, but an separate audio CD is available that includes additional audio footage from the extensive interviews that were edited for use in the documentary. You might find it helpful to read the essay by John Knox (which is not included), but it is not required to understand the material. The documentary reveals how feminism has brought irrational teaching to our society and led to disaster for American women. The film calls women back to lives filled with the beauty found only in following God's Word. An abortion is shown in the documentary, but a warning is given five seconds before it begins to allow you to stop and fast-forward past that portion, if you wish.

This documentary features an all-female cast, including Rosalind Marshall, Jennie Chancey, Denise Sproul, Phyllis Schlafly, Mary Pride, and more. It is for older students, possibly high school and above. It includes a warning that it may not be suitable for children. The program discusses modesty and women in the military, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, abortion, birth control, and more. An explanation of John Knox and his beliefs is included. The core of his ministry was Christ crucified; the Bible was the Rule, and women were considered valuable and an example of faithfulness and diligence. An excellent discussion of women's rights is included, along with a talk with Phyllis Schlafly as she discusses the history of feminist work and how the housewife and mother is hurt by feminism today. Many little-known or simply overlooked facts are scattered throughout the documentary. Viewers will learn that the book The Feminine Mystique actually compared housewives to those who walked to their deaths in concentration camps, that government-run childcare programs are a Socialist idea, and that in Isaiah in the Bible it is stated that women are not to rule over a man and that it will even bring on a curse. Hillary Clinton is referenced as an angry woman who has absolutely no sympathy for homemakers, while Deborah of the Bible is clarified as a woman who was placed in a political position, not as one who pursued that as a goal.

I believe all Christian parents should view this DVD with their older children who are mature enough to handle the sensitive subject matter. Abortion is a heart-wrenching part of this documentary, but the subject of feminism and the damage it has done to our Christian families and churches is vitally important if we are to actively pursue Godly family roles. My seventeen-year-old has a strong heart for Christ already, but a better understanding of the corrosive damage done in recent years by feminism is important for her to understand. We viewed the program together without having her watch the portion with the abortion scene. I strongly urge parents to screen this program completely before watching with their children or young adults. The abortion scene includes a five second warning, is found on Title 1, chapter 7, at approximately 31-minutes. It is only a few minutes long. Those who are able to view this portion of the film will be forever changed after watching someone calmly wrap an aborted baby up in paper after an abortion, as if it was just another procedure. Some of the quotes from people on the street discussing the value of life were very eye opening. Some people believed if you couldn't live a high quality of life, it is not worth living. Also expressed was the belief that some people are simply not wanted; one person even pointed out a couple of homeless people and hypothesized that they were probably not wanted as children. The potential discussions and important subject matter of this film make it something that, in my opinion, should not be missed by Christian homes desiring to make a lasting difference for future families. I will require it as high school material before my children graduate.

There are those who will be offended by the discussion of Barbie and Bratz dolls (because they don't want to let them go), and some may not agree with the portion that questions whether our young women should be pursuing degrees and the workplace. But the reality of the subject matter will dawn on you as you chuckle about the mandatory diaper changing/baby care classes now provided by hospitals and the lack of basic domestic skills among young women. This is a documentary. It is real, it is factual, and it will cut to the heart of a problem many Christians have danced around and avoided for too long.

We live in difficult times. Documentaries like this provide us with a view of reality and present facts that are hard to ignore. We are raising the future of our nation. If we expect change, we must reach the hearts of our children. The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women is an excellent DVD that will educate every viewer who takes the time to really listen to the wealth of information found here. This is an incredible program that will ignite in our children the desire for change, for a return to Christian morals and lifestyles. I urge parents to view this documentary, discuss it as parents, and then watch it with their older children in order to gain a real understanding of feminism and the hold it has over our nation. This documentary is not to be missed!

Product review by Donna Campos, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouseо Magazine, LLC, November 2008

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