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The Mystery of History Vol. II Craft Pak CD ROM

Bright Ideas Press

PO Box 333
Cheswold, DE 19936

The Mystery of History has become our favorite history curriculum, so we were thrilled to have this Project Pak to supplement this year's lessons on the Middle Ages. This wonderful CD ROM features these eight historical art projects:

* Medieval Siege Tower
* Faux Metal Indian Bell
* Islamic Tile
* Byzantine Icon
* Viking Runestone
* Maori Plaque or Pendant
* Japanese Sagemono
* Mesoamerican Clay Stamps

This is very well put together. Each project link contains a brief history and crisp color photos for each step and technique. There are material lists for each project and excellent templates. The graphics are in vivid full color, and the entire CD is easily navigated. One of the things I appreciate most from The Mystery of History is their ability to modify each lesson for different grade levels. These art projects are no exception. Though they were designed with older students in mind, younger students can complete them with assistance. There are also 35 reproducible coloring pages containing images from the Middle Ages which can be used for the student's Mystery of History Notebook, or for younger students. There are tips and suggestions for printing and for each art project. High School students can obtain a half credit in art upon completion of these impressive projects, and they make wonderful keepsakes. I happily recommend this craft pack as the perfect complement to an excellent curriculum.

Product Review by Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October, 2008

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