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Glory Observer

4th Day Alliance

PO Box 13008
Fresno, CA 93794

"It's time to use astronomy for the glory of God again." ~ 4th Day Alliance website.

When the Glory Observer arrived, I thought I would simply be reviewing a bi-annual magazine about astronomy from a Christian perspective--a treat, as astronomy was a passion with me as a teen. I would have given much to have had the Glory Observer in my hands rather than the secular and technical Sky and Telescope. I didn't understand half of it, and the parts I did were, of course, about as far from a biblical perspective as one can get.

On the other hand, the Glory Observer is a 30-page delight for astronomy enthusiasts. It is a full-color magazine printed on quality paper, with numerous pictures of constellations, nebulae, and planets to go along with the well-thought-out articles. While the articles themselves are mostly geared for a junior-high reading level and up, the included "homeschool lesson plans" can be adjusted for any grade--from kindergarten through high school. Along with articles like "What You Can Expect to See in a Telescope" and "What Stars Are Mentioned in the Bible," the Glory Observer includes regular columns like "Book Reviews" and "Evolution Is All Wrong." I was impressed with not only the high level of scientific writing but also the continual emphasis on God's glory in His creation.

The Glory Observer is free to members of the 4th Day Alliance, an astronomy club whose mission statement is: "We are a Christian Astronomy organization dedicated to proclaiming the glory of God through astronomy. We accomplish this by teaching seminars, giving lectures, and having public star parties where we distribute literature and books." Dues are $25/year. (Note: to purchase single copies of the Glory Observer, contact them at the above address.)

The 4th Day Alliance is well worth investigating. They hope to start up local chapters of the club in various parts of the country. This and other benefits of becoming a member are best viewed by going to their website:

Product review by Susan K. Marlow, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2008

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