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Mummy Maze: The Tomb Treasures Maze Book

By Elizabeth Carpenter

284 W. 12th Street #2
New York, NY 10014

It is easy to see why this high-quality maze and coloring book by Elizabeth Carpenter is award winning. Each intricately detailed page opens to a full 12x18 to reveal beautiful black-and-white mazes of ancient Egyptian symbols and art. Yet it can be folded to a more comfortable 12x9 book for easy shelving. Here's how this project works. The student begins on page 1 of the 29-page book. After he successfully solves the challenging maze, he is given the correct hieroglyph to use on the final page and the correct symbol by which to begin the maze on page 2. As children decipher codes and figure out the correct path through complex mazes, they are taken on an adventure through the historical narrative that is woven throughout, and they ultimately solve a final mystery on the last page. The detailed pictures of mummies, statues, and Egyptian artifacts also lend themselves to hours of coloring for older children.

Those teachers instructing in ancient Egypt for older elementary to middle school aged children will find this a wonderfully fun educational tool. Children will be exposed to beautiful artwork while gaining a better appreciation for this ancient culture, and they will have a blast. Your puzzle-oriented learner will especially enjoy this supplement to his history study.

Product review by Tammy Walker, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, August 2008

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