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Developmental Foundations: Keys to Academic Success

Jan Bedell
c/o Little Giant Steps

P.O. Box 863624
Plano TX, 75086

Developmental Foundations: Keys to Academic Success is a Neurodevelopmental approach to helping children, teens, and adults reach developmental highs in academics, and the workplace. This program comes complete with three ways to provide instructional assistance through Instructional and Neurodevelopmental DVD's, Online Programs, and a Toolkit with the following items enclosed:

-Skip Counting CD - Math N' More Flash Facts - 2 Digit Span decks - Reading Level Test Book - Auditory Test Kit - Visual Test Kit - And other activity tools

All these manipulatives are to aid persons in the following areas that they might be experiencing difficulty in.

-Long/Short Term Memory -Attention Span -Greater Focus -Gross Motor skills -Fine Motor skills -Auditory Processing -Reading Comprehension -Use of Phonics -The Ability to Follow Directions -Word Recognition -Math Skills

After raising a child with learning disabilites and Tourette's Syndrome, I have found some relief through this program. My daughter struggles tremendously with her Math studies. The Math n' More Flash Facts have helped us in finding our daughter's weakness and developing new ways to help her be successful. The Digit Span decks are a wonderful tool in helping with her Short Term memory. Before using this program, she couldn't remember more than one digit in a three digit number sequence. Now, after using this program with her for 4 months, she has better memory and can retain the numbers on the Digit Span decks for longer periods of time and more readily. I will be using the rest of this program in the near future and love that the Pre and Post tests are included with it. This program and all that comes with it are well worth the money someone would invest to give their child some relief from traditional methods.

Product Review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2008

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