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Word Wall Words for First Grade

MRM Classroom Connections, LLC

PO Box 756
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Most parents that I know use some version of a "word wall" for young children learning to read. If you have never heard of a word wall, it literally is a wall of words. You have the child write the word on either an index card or a piece of paper and then tape it to a wall so that the child can see and become familiar with the word.

The packet of Word Wall Words for First Grade comes with 100 "high frequency" words. These standard 8" x 11" pieces of paper have various designs around the page with the word in the middle of the design. There is plenty to color on each page. After coloring, your child can hang the word up, laminate it and make a puzzle or a mobile out of it, or come up with some other creative way to practice with the words.

I think it's a great idea, if you have a child that enjoys coloring. Halfway through each page, my son became frustrated and asked if he could "please be done." I showed them to my niece, who loves to color, and she had a blast with them. She would color page after page happily. You really have to base your purchase of this product on the personality of your child.

After my niece colored them, my son did enjoy playing games with the words. His favorite game was when I placed different words around our schoolroom, with him not watching, and then called him in to stand in the center of the room. I gave him a few Nerf balls, and as soon as I called out a word he had to look at all of them as quickly as possible and throw his ball at his "target" as soon as he saw the word.

There are many possibilities for using this product. I don't know, however, that I would choose to spend $19.95 on the product when my child is not into coloring. I would rather just write our words on index cards to use for the games that my son likes to play. My final analysis--great product, just not right for my family.

Product review by Stephanie Ruby, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2008

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