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The Great Connecticut Puzzle Book
The Great State of Maine Activity Book
The Great New Hampshire Puzzle Book

By Jane Petrlik Smolik
MidRun Press

90 Larch Row
Wenham, MA 01984-1624

These activity books are great! Each book loaded with information to teach children about a particular state, from crossword puzzles to rebus puzzles and everything in between. The books are a great add-on to your curriculum or are fun enough to use just to learn about your favorite vacation spot.

I am amazed at all the different things that are covered in these books. For instance, they have included a map of Maine and questions and activities to go along with it, information about famous people from Maine, games relating to animals found in the state, places to go in Maine, and more! Each book is over 90 pages long and has enough great games and activities to hold the attention of almost any child.

Personally, I used these to help my son have a little more fun with his spelling words, as his spelling lists included the states. Rather than just learning how to spell the name of the state, he was able to learn what the states produces, the names of the capitals, mileage between cities, and more. We also took them to Co-op with us so that the kids could use them as "busy-activities" before morning announcements.

The activity books would also be great for a family traveling to one of these states. Takes them on a long car ride to make your children familiar with the state before you arrive. Trust me, the games will help stave off the inevitable "Are we there yet?" cries from the backseat.

At $11.95 each, these are a good deal. My kids truly enjoyed the books, and they have so many pages of activities that we still have not done all that there is to do. You can't go wrong by ordering one or more of these activity books; your children will enjoy learning, and that always makes parents feel good.

Product review by Stephanie Ruby, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2008

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