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Viking Quest Series

By Lois Walfrid Johnson
Moody Publishers

820 N. LaSalle Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60610

Viking Quest is a series of five novels set in the world of sixth-century Ireland, Norway, and the seas between them. The fictional adventures incorporate facts about the spread of Christianity to the Vikings through their Christian slaves.
This well-written and easy-to-read series weaves history and Christianity throughout a suspenseful tale. Because the main characters are Bree and her brother Devin, the novels will appeal to both male and female readers, ages 10 and up. Young readers will identify with Bree and Devin and their struggles to keep their faith in tough times.
The first volume, Raiders from the Sea, begins the tale with Bree and her brother Devin being captured by Mikkel and his Viking crew. After being taken from their home in Ireland, they endure a stormy journey across the sea to become slaves in Norway. Bree must trust in God’s plans for her future as she is bound on the ship, dependent on her captors for her food and safety.
Next, in Mystery of the Silver Coins, Bree and another young slave escape the Viking ship and try to survive in the Norwegian woods. They must hide from Mikkel and his crew, who suspect them of stealing a bag of valuable coins from the ship. Bree struggles to understand how her hardships can be part of God’s plan.
Third, in The Invisible Friend, Bree labors as a slave for Mikkel’s family. She wonders about Mikkel’s dark secret and his older brother’s resentment. Devin works to bring ransom to free Bree from slavery. Feeling lonely, Bree and Devin both draw strength from their invisible friend.
Fourth, in Heart of Courage, Bree and Devin agree to make one last voyage with Mikkel and explorer Leif Erikson. The journey is dangerous, and all of the travelers must find a source of courage as they travel through icy waters, with an enemy hiding in the ship’s crew. Bree learns about forgiving someone more times than you can count, and Devin works to help Bree gain her freedom.
Finally, in The Raider’s Promise, Bree, Devin, and Mikkel explore new lands, and Mikkel is changed by his new faith in Christ. Mikkel struggles with his secret, and Bree and Devin long to return to their Irish home.

This series would make a great family read-aloud. The adventures bring an edge-of-your-seat excitement to the story, but there is nothing gruesome or inappropriate. They can be incorporated as living books into a study of Ireland, Norway, Vikings, or the spread of Christianity in the Viking era. Children will be impressed with the Christian faith that sustained Bree and Devin throughout their adventures. You will be glad that you shared the Viking Quest series with your family.

Product review by Cari Young, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August 2008

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