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The wHole Picture Matching Games: Going Places and On the Farm

Bill & Bud, Inc.

2108 Edison Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577

The wHole Picture Matching Games are unique, compared to the typical matching game geared for young children. A little bit like a board game and a little bit like a card game, they require your child (age four and older) to be the first to complete a full picture on a game board. Each game comes with six picture cards that go along with that particular game's theme. "Going Places" includes six colorful vehicle cards, while "On the Farm" includes six happy animal cards. Six identical game boards are included in each game, too. Each player chooses one picture card and a game board. The goal is to draw from a deck of cards all the pieces that will fully complete the chosen picture.

Each card from the deck has a hole in it, and its hole in can be matched to a specific spot on a game board--hence the name wHole Picture Matching Game. The children are finding cards to complete a whole picture and determining where the cards should be placed on the game board by matching holes!

As mentioned, the games are intended for ages 4 and up. But I asked my older children, ages eight and eleven, to play one of the games and tell me their thoughts. It was way too easy for them. They played it once and said they'd prefer to save it for the toddler when he's ready. I asked them to think about how well a four- or five-year-old might like it, and they thought it could be fun for a younger child. As for me, I think a bright three-year-old could probably play the game, but I agree with my children that it's not much fun for anyone past the age of five or six.

The game boxes are sturdy and compact, which I personally appreciate. The game cards and boards are colorful, bright, and well laminated. The pictures include some background detail, but the overall subject is simple and clear. Upon completing a picture on the game board, one of the holes reveals the name of the picture just finished, giving little ones a bit of sight recognition for six words per game.

I believe the skill of matching in various situations makes these games valuable for young children. They have earned a spot on my shelf because I think my little guy will enjoy them when his time comes for some fun preschool learning.

Product review by: Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2008

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