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Classroom Publishing

3500 Vicksburg Lane N #303
Plymouth, MN 55447

This product was just too fun! We received a bookbinding kit from Classroom Publishing to review. It came with enough supplies to bind 5 books (8 x 11" size): cover paper, self-adhesive end sheets, spines, and cardboard covers. The instructions were very easy to understand. (The company website also includes a step-by-step video instruction.) The finished product turned out great and is a keepsake that we will treasure.

We used the kit to bind all of my daughter's artwork from this past school year. She was pleased with the results and now has a nice book to display and share with family and friends. I was pleased because it means that her artwork is no longer spread all over the house, but is nicely contained in a book that will easily sit on a bookshelf with the rest of our homeschool books and portfolios.

The only problem we had with the kit was the fact that we couldn't print a cover sheet. Our printer does not support the large size cover sheet paper that comes with the kit. I thought I could make my own cover on the computer and it would show through the cover sheet; however, the sheets are white (not clear). When I saw the finished product, I could clearly see that the white is necessary. So, rather than have the fancy cover we had originally planned for our book, we decorated the white cover with Sharpie markers. It turned out very cute.

These kits are being marketed for classrooms and after-school programs, but they would be the perfect addition to any homeschool or co-op setting. The possibilities are endless. You can create yearly memory books, vacation journals, alphabet books, and so much more, limited only by your own imagination. If your child is a budding author, these kits would be perfect. And a book written and illustrated by your child would make a great gift for the grandparents!

These kits sell on the company's website for $164.95 for 30 kits or $34.95 for 5 kits. The smaller set would be ideal for in-home use, while the larger set would accommodate a co-op or classroom setting. I believe that the price is very fair, especially considering the joy your children will experience at seeing their books in print!

Product review by: Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2008

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