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Abraham Lincoln: Friend of The People

Sterling Publishing / Flying Point Press

The Pilot House/ Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Flying Point Press publishes some of the greatest historical stories and events in their line of lovely titles!

Abraham Lincoln: Friend of The People is a Newberry Honor Book medal winner and it’s easy to see why! This is a wonderful story, penned by Clara Ingram Judson, which follows and shares the life of Abe Lincoln, the “Prairie President,” from his boyhood on a small farm in Kentucky, all the way to the White House!

This biography follows Lincoln’s life and the impact he had and those who impacted him as well. Did you know that Lincoln credits his stepmother for his love of books? Do you know how Lincoln “educated himself,” or how he pondered and studied democracy? This title is a great introduction for young readers on the life of Lincoln!

This was a wonderful, fun read, an original Landmark publication, with almost 200 pages of great historical reading. This would make a fantastic family read-aloud, a living book for homeschool history, or just plain reading enjoyment!

Excellent! A must have for your homeschool library!

—Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2008

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