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The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith

The Eric Liddell Story DVD
The Jim Elliot Story DVD
The William Tyndale Story DVD
The John Bunyan Story DVD

Christian History Institute
P.O. Box 540
Worcester, PA 19490

The Torchlighter DVD’s are a fantastic series of high quality animated stories about true life heroes of the faith. According to the creators, a “Torchlighter” is defined as “One who commits to serving God and passing on the light of the Gospel, even when the going gets tough.”

Produced by Christian History Institute, International Films and The Voice of the Martyrs, these DVDS feature moral, dedicated, and brave men and women who answered the call to serve God with honor. In doing so, they brought others to Christ, sometimes by giving their very lives. These are truly inspiring stories for young and old, especially in today’s world of “Hollywood Heroes.”

Created for ages 8-12, each colorful 30 minute video contains at least an hour of bonus features. These include video documentaries, biographies, and interviews. You may also choose between English and Spanish, as well as English subtitles.

I was amazed with the vast free resources offered to supplement these videos! Student and teacher activity guides to go along with each DVD are available for download directly from the website. These companion guides are also in vibrant color and are very well put together. They include an introduction to the story, questions to get you thinking and multiple activity sheets. There are map skills, crafts, timelines, and more in these wonderful guides. In the “Fun Stuff” area of the website, there are games, puzzles, coloring pages, and quizzes to go along with each hero. You can even watch a preview of each DVD and download the “Torchlighter’s Theme Song” from the website.

In this set, we learned about Eric Liddell’s conviction and stand and Jim Elliot’s journey into the jungles of Ecuador to witness to the Auca (Waorani) Tribe. William Tyndale’s calling was to translate the Scriptures into English for the “common people,” which was against the law, and John Bunyan (author of The Pilgrim’s Progress) was called to preach the gospel, though he would be imprisoned for it.

If you are familiar with these men, you know that two of them, Jim Elliot and William Tyndale, were martyred for their faith. Though these are animated stories, they do depict their deaths; therefore, viewing by younger children is not something I advise. Though these scenes are indeed difficult to watch, they are also a testament to courage, sacrifice, love and forgiveness. These are stories of hope. To quote the Jim Elliot character in his story, “And if it’s our loss, may it be to God’s glory.”

I am glad to highly recommend this wonderful DVD series. It’s perfect for a homeschool or Sunday School, and will inspire you and your children.

—Product review by: Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2008.

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