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My Granny Went to Market: A Round-the-World Counting Rhyme

By Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr
Barefoot Books

2067 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Take a trip around the world with Granny on her magic carpet as she collects and counts items from many countries. As with other Barefoot Books, this book has colorful pages filled with lots of images to engage all ages. As Granny visits Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Kenya, Russia, Australia, Japan, and Peru, she fills her carpet with items bought from each country. For example, Granny buys drums from Kenya and nesting dolls from Russia. This would be an enjoyable way to count to ten with a preschooler while also learning a little about the culture, climate, and location of many countries. The last page includes numbers 1-10 with the items bought on Granny’s trip for you to count once again. A more in-depth study of any of the countries could be done with an older child, using the book as a jumping-off point. You could compare styles of dress, items important to daily living, and varied homes just by looking closely at the beautiful artwork. The end pages include a simple world map retracing Granny’s travels.

The book is a bit pricey and could benefit from more text describing each country. Then it would have greater educational value. However, young children will be drawn to the busy artwork and simple rhyme, making it a good buy.

—Product review by: Andrea Jones, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2008.

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