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Glaucia the Greek Slave

By Emma Leslie
Salem Ridge Press LLC

4263 Salem Drive
Emmaus, PA 18049

Emma Leslie's novel, Glaucia the Greek Slave, is a well thought out one. She brings to life the story of a young girl and her brother, who, to pay their father's debts, are sold into slavery at Rome.

Glaucia (Glow-sha) is sold to a wealthy Roman family as a waiting maid for the proud Valeria, daughter of the well-known philosopher Fabrizzio Gracchi. Meanwhile in Rome, Laon has escaped and is now trying to find Glaucia. Hoping to become a gladiator and succeed in collecting the winner's purse, he joins a gladiator school in Rome. Will he succeed in finding Glaucia?

The Gracchi family, to whom Glaucia belongs, has journeyed to Athens, for Fabrizzio searches for the truth which can only be found in God's Word, though he does not know it.

Trials await Glaucia and her brother as they struggle to find each other and live a free life. Can they trust in God to care for them and keep them safe? Will they be able to spread the Word of God's love to even the most proud Roman citizens? Find out in Emma Leslie's novel, Glaucia the Greek Slave.

Product review by Abigail Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February 2008

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