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Rock of Refuge: A Frontier Novel

By Donna Westover Gallup
Published by Cladach Publishing

PO Box 336144
Greeley, CO 80633

Donna Westover Gallup, author of White as Snow, continues Charlie's adventures in Rock of Refuge, the second volume of the Mysterious Ways series. Living in the Colorado Territory of 1871, Charlie has been raised by his grandfather, a devout Christian rancher. Charlie is now ready to strike out on his own and join a cattle drive.

Charlie faces many challenges on the journey, including a man who has his own reasons for being hostile to Charlie's Christian message. While Charlie is gone, Grandpa encounters excitement both in the new town of Denver and on the trail home. When in trouble, both Charlie and Grandpa are helped by angels in various guises.

Gallup's writing style is straightforward, suited to the men who travel through this tale. ("I'll try to keep the peace when I can, but I won't be pushed around. If the need arises, I'll defend myself.") She describes the Colorado territory and the sights and sounds of the cattle drive.

Rock of Refuge is a good choice for high school students and adults. The temptations found in the Old West are mentioned in this book, although not in detail, making it less suited for younger students. Male readers will especially enjoy Charlie's adventures in working as a cowhand and confronting the man who threatens Charlie, Grandpa, and many others.

Product review by Cari Young, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April 2008

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