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Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy

By David R. Brown
An Ascribed Book From dg ink Publishers

PO Box 1182
Dale City, CA 94015-1182

Shakespeare for Everyone to Enjoy by David R. Brown would be a great addition to any homeschool library. But it would be an especially helpful and valuable resource for parents and older students who are interested in digging deeper and learning more about the bard, his life, and his plays.

It is very obvious that the author has a great affection for and understanding of William Shakespeare's work, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Mr. Brown has created an interesting and easy-to-read format that can be used in the family circle or in the classroom. I especially appreciated his comment that "the student who values the truth will put aside all attempts to read into his (Shakespeare's) plays some conceptual material that Shakespeare never intended." What a refreshing and candid idea--simple enjoyment without "politically correct" worries!

The 144-page, hardback book (with dust jacket) contains the following chapters:

Chapter One: "O for a Muse of Fire" (Introduction)
Chapter Two: "This Happy Breed of Men" (The Universality of Shakespeare)
Chapter Three: "This Was a Man!" (The Life of Shakespeare)
Chapter Four: "Converted from the World" (Shakespeare's Religion)
Chapter Five: "Conscience Is the Most Sacred of All Property" (The Principle Approach to Shakespeare)
Chapter Six: "And Man Became a Living Soul" (Spiritual Values in Shakespeare's Plays)
Chapter Seven: "Don't Ride the Green Bus" (A Visit to Stratford-On-Avon)
Chapter Eight: "I Am Constant as the Northern Star" (Character Development)
Chapter Nine: "The Play's The Thing" (Shakespeare in the Classroom)
Chapter Ten: "All the World's a Stage" (Shakespeare on the Stage)
Chapter Eleven: "All's Well that Ends Well" (Conclusion)

I also especially enjoyed perusing the thorough appendix, which included the following:

Appendix I: Records of the Life of Shakespeare (G.B. Harrison)
Appendix II: Shakespeare's Will
Appendix III: Bibliography
Appendix IV: Noah Webster Educational Foundation
Appendix V: Principle Approach® Classical Education

David Brown, a Presbyterian pastor, is an experienced educator as well as a Shakespearian lecturer and director. He certainly knows his subject, and his book is perfect for an introduction to or a deeper study of William Shakespeare. For those who are interested in performance, this book is a great starting point! A highly recommended resource!

Product review by Amy M. O'Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April 2008

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