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Battleground (WorldChangers Adventure #1)

By Rene Banglesdorf
Bang Press  

4500 Williams Drive, Suite 212
Georgetown, TX 78633

Battleground is the first in a series of adventures entitled "WorldChangers." This soft-cover book has 458 pages and also includes an 8-page sneak peek into Safari, the second book of the series. Touted on the website as a supernatural thriller, Battleground is written for teenagers and adults in an effort to help them realize the spiritual battle going on for today's youth. The five main characters are teenagers, and the story tells how they are drawn to one another through a series of events and eventually come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The book offers a perspective on angels and demons and their unseen interaction with humans that many of us do not recognize or acknowledge.  

My 16-year-old daughter and I enjoyed this book as our evening read-aloud and struggled to limit ourselves to ten chapters each night. The book's 60 chapters are generally very short, allowing a reader to complete the book in very manageable sessions. The book is definitely not appropriate for younger students, as it portrays the struggles teenagers often face, but even the battle, death, and rape situations are handled in a way that provides the necessary information and nothing more. The book includes comical situations that readers will be amused by, including references to farting. Racial prejudice is dealt with head on and in a corrective light. Subject matter includes the use of alcohol and the loss of virginity as well as many other temptations Christians might face. The power of prayer is a regular part of the story line, particularly the important role of intercessory prayer. Ultimately, the power of God and his active part in his creation and in the lives of his children are central to the book.  

This is definitely a book for teenagers and adults, as it includes phrases like "take a leak" and "mean old fart." And there's also an instance in which a girl takes a boy's hand and places it inside her shirt--definitely a mature situation unsuited for younger readers. I found myself embarrassed reading this particular scene with my teenage daughter, but it provided opportunity for discussion and was a very true representation of teenage life. Some subject matter might be distasteful to the reader, such as human traits of our sinful nature being personified in the demons Lust, Pride, and Anger. The author does make presumptions regarding angelic and demonic behavior, but they are very plausible and well written.

Scripture is often used, but the references are rarely cited, which we found very disappointing. New Christians reading the book may find it hard to locate the passages. Some readers may be surprised that angels are presented as not necessarily having a gender; they materialize as men or women, depending on the situation. Also, the writing seemed to drag at times, which was disappointing. But we were able to continue reading nonetheless.  

The WorldChangers Adventure series is off to a great start. The images of individuals surrounded by angelic support and of demons being bound by the prayers of saints are comforting and well presented. We are often so wrapped up in this world that we forget the spiritual battle raging around us. This book brings home the truth that we need to live each day for the cause of Christ. We truly enjoyed Battleground and look forward to additional installments in the series. 

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2008

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