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The Hidden World of Autism

By Rebecca Chilvers
Jessiga Kingsler Publishers

116 Pentonville Road
London N1 9JB, UK

400 Market Street, Suite 400
Phidelphia, PA 19106

A boy in our homeschool co-op has autism. I have had the privilege to watch him grow and learn (albeit from afar) for many years. He has gone from a shy boy, speaking to nearly no one, to a bright adolescent who loves to talk to you about his current interests. His behavior is often puzzling to the children around him, and I wish they could be exposed to the material in this book.

In a unique combining of research and the reflections of 21 children, Rebecca Chilvers gives us an educated glimpse into the world of the child with autism. The reader comes away from this book with knowledge and compassion--a rare accomplishment for a nonfiction book.

Children of all ages contributed both their writing and their artwork on these subjects: "What's so different about me"; "School"; "Me, my friends and my family"; "Those things I do--obsessions and special interests"; and "The future." As I read this book, I sensed the everyday joys and frustrations experienced by these kids. It is a world I have only limited knowledge of, and the honesty and beauty of this book has enriched me.

If your family has been touched by autism, you will be educated and enlightened by this book.

Product review by Christine Field, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2008

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