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Little Pim: Foreign Language and Fun (Spanish Edition)

Little Pim

104 West 4th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011
646-230-6228, ext. 215

Little Pim is a language program designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Research suggests that early exposure to language may aid in foreign language acquisition later in life. Young children learn very quickly, so why not allow them this easy opportunity? This particular title, Little Pim Eating and Drinking, is a lively introduction to 60 foods and phrases. Our chaperone, a cute little animated panda, escorts the viewer to meet happy children nibbling a variety of foods. The narrative is completely Spanish, but the English subtitles are provided.

At the conclusion of each five-minute section of this 35-minute DVD, there is a brief review. The presentation is clear, simple, and engaging. The big question is this: will the program work? As with any curriculum, success will be based entirely on the child's response. Certainly, any child would be able to learn a few words using this product, and some children would be able to pick up many words. If I were using this program, I'd let my child view only one or two sections at a time. For the maximum benefit, you could watch along with your child and provide encouragement.

Before purchasing this DVD, you might want to preview it from your local library (or online). I'm not 26 months, nor have I researched the best way to teach languages to a young child. Yet, it seems to me, if you consistently make the time and have the desire, this language immersion program could yield solid results for your toddler.

Product review by Marla G. Nowak, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2008

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