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Spaghetti Toes: Positive Living Skills for Children

By Terry Orlick, PhD
Zone of Excellence

CP 1807
Chelsea, QC J9B 1A1
FAX: 819-827-2652

Spaghetti Toes: Positive Living Skills for Children is a CD designed to "teach children how to relax, focus, listen attentively, control stress, embrace good things in themselves and others, and find joy in each day." The 16 songs on the CD are aimed at children and people of all ages. The title track, Spaghetti Toes #1, attempts to help the listener achieve a very relaxed state by imagining different parts of the body becoming more relaxed. This theme is presented throughout the CD.

The CD presents itself as a relaxation tool as opposed to entertainment. It could be used at any time during the school day but would probably be best in the morning hours, before any instruction, to help your child relax and be ready to focus on the tasks for the day.

The CD was created, along with the other products available from this company, by a doctor and leader in the field of psychology. His products help individuals gain more self-confidence and harmony in their lives. Knowing this, I see the benefit of this program. When used on a daily basis, the CD can help children gain more control of their own movement and performance.

If you have a child whose movements and activity level get in the way of his performance during instructional time, then this CD may be a good investment for you. Used as a tool to help your child relax, it can produce a more willing and focused child. Be sure to check into Dr. Orlick's other products as well.

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2008

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