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Pappy's Handkerchief

By Devan Scillian
Sleeping Bear Press

310 North Main St., Suite 300
Chelsea, MI 48118
Fax: 734-475-0787

Sleeping Bear Press has just released a new title in its Tales of Young Americans series, Pappy's Handkerchief.

Pappy's Handkerchief is a lovely hardcover (with dust jacket) that tells the story of young Moses and his family's dream of owning their own piece of land during the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

This book tells of an important part of American history, that of freed slaves' first opportunity to own their own land. This book chronicles the hardships that Moses' family endured during this time: sickness, storms, floods and more. Will Moses be able to bury Pappy's handkerchief in the ground to stake his family's claim and start a new life?

This is an exciting account of a little-known piece of American history, told in an easy-to-understand format with rich, vivid illustrations. I would highly recommend this title! It's a wonderful addition to the homeschool family library that brings history to life!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2008

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