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Jump into Literacy: Active Learning for Preschool Children

By Rae Pica
Gryphon House, Inc.

10726 Tucker Street
PO Box 207
Beltsville, MD USA 20704
800- 638-0928 or 301-595-9500

This product is an activity/workbook for preschool children. The book covers various ways that a child can learn through physical activities and movements with their bodies.

Basically, a person would just read through the book with their preschooler and show him/her how the activities are done. I don't believe it to be just for homeschoolers, because any child learning to read and use phonics could use it.

I liked the book, and I took it to my 4-year-old niece to see how she would respond to it. She loved trying to read and do some of the activities. The pictures were lots of fun for her and for my nephew as well (who is 7 years old). I like the fact that this product is geared for a specific age group and not a broad age range. I don't feel there are any negative comments to mention about this book. The author did a fantastic job of pinpointing where preschoolers may need more help with learning to read.

Product review by Nancy King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2008

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