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By Heart Scripture Songs: Lead Me to the Rock

Kelly Crawford
Hearts for Family

By Heart Scripture Songs: Lead Me to the Rock by Kelly Crawford is a CD consisting of Scriptures taken from the King James Version of the Bible and set to music. Of the ten songs included on the CD, eight are taken directly from the Psalms, one is taken from Philippians, and one is written by Kelly Crawford in honor of her mother-in-law. The songs are written in a beautiful format to convey the hope found in a deep relationship with God. The music consists of vocals by Kelly Crawford, violin by Graham Travers, and acoustics by William Stephenson.

These songs can complement any activity. Whether you are working at home, teaching your children, watching your children play, or driving in your car, this CD can provide a welcome and soothing sound. Plus, listening to this CD can help your children learn Scripture.

I was touched by the concept of this CD; putting the Scriptures to music is such a wonderful way to engage in the words, thoughts, and expressions of David. Each song is a testimony of God's grace and awesome power.

Although the concept is very inviting, I think this CD lacked the subtle elements that are indicative of a high-quality CD production. The lyrics were not easily sung with the tune that was produced. The vocalist's lovely voice could be accentuated with a more solid production.

If you desire to listen to songs that focus on the actual words of Scripture and to use that as a tool to teach your children about those Scriptures, then I think you will be pleased with this CD. It is evident that the creators of this CD have a deep relationship with their Heavenly Father, and it is displayed in a profound way throughout the lyrics and music included in this product.

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2008

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