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A Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce

By Kevin Belmonte
New Leaf Press

PO Box 361240
Los Angeles, CA 90036-9440

A Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce is a small book that chronicles the life of the man who single-handedly brought an end to the slave trade in England. The book recounts the details of Wilberforce's life, including how he became a Christian. After his conversion, he developed a passion for freedom for all men. The recent movie Amazing Grace is another resource for finding out more about this man, but there's nothing like reading a well-documented account of a person's life. The author is a scholar on William Wilberforce's life and was a historical consultant for Amazing Grace.

In addition to the wonderful writing about Wilberforce's life, there are many colorful pictures and separate note sections that delve deeper. The reader will certainly come away from this book with intimate knowledge of Mr. Wilberforce. The book is written for adults and would probably be best suited as a reference tool for the adult teacher in any homeschool.

I loved the amount of detail in this book. You can be led down so many interesting rabbit trails just by reading the notes alone! This book would be perfect for a unit study on the slave trade in England.

I highly recommend this wonderfully in-depth retelling of the life of a world hero.

Product review by Lyria Moore, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December 2007

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