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Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom (DVD)

American Animation Studios

715 Sixth Street, Suite #5
Prosser, WA 99350
866-401-HERO (4376)

Read the book. Listen to the lecture. Study a little. Take the test. Forget the material. That's how I learned American history in school. Even though it was often fascinating information, it never really stuck and was often forgotten soon after the test was over. As homeschoolers, we want much more for our kids; we want history to come alive! The new History's Heroes DVDs ($19.95 each or $34.95 for two) from American Animation Studios are a great resource for helping us bring history to life for our kids! I received the Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom DVD, but there is also one on Paul Revere. Both are available in an Education Edition ($39.95 each) that includes a shorter version of the movie, quizzes, and additional resources.

Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom traces the life of this great American hero whose brilliant oratory helped pave the way for the Revolutionary War. He is famous for his speech that ended with the statement "Give me liberty, or give me death!" which is the highlight of the movie. A bald eagle named Boomer is the unofficial host of the movie; he helps guide the action and interpret the significant events. During Patrick Henry's famous speech, for example, Boomer explains what he is saying at several important points. The 3-D animation is colorful and adds to the beauty of the 30-minute movie. My only criticism would be the price, which I thought was just a little high--but not out of the ballpark for a well-made, historically accurate movie. I would recommend these movies for late elementary through at least junior high school, although younger and older students would also likely enjoy them and learn a great deal.

In today's politically correct climate, it is always refreshing to find a company that is unabashedly proud of our American heritage. American Animation Studios was founded by two fathers, Rob Mercer and John Derrick, who were disappointed with the history materials available for their own children--so they created their own! We found this award-winning movie to be very well made, engaging, and educational--always a winning combination! I would highly recommend Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom and suggest that after you watch it, you also check out the other interesting products on their website!

Product review by Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December 2007

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