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Vacation Education Destination EPCOT

By Corinne L. Johnson
Vacation Education Books

318 W. Upton Avenue
Reed City, MI 49677

Some of my passions in life are homeschooling my children, planning things (such as family vacations), and all things Disney! So when Vacation Education Destination EPCOT came through on the review list, I got excited. We try to schedule a Disney trip every 3-4 years, and we plan from one trip to the next. I am always searching for ideas to make our trips new and exciting.

Vacation Education Destination EPCOT is an awesome resource. Author Corinne Johnson has put so much work into this book! She has included lots of park information and intermixed it with many ideas to turn your next vacation into a unit study, with things to do both before and after your trip. Or maybe you dream of world tour or a trip to Disney World but cannot afford it at this time; pick up a copy of this book and take your family on a virtual world tour they will not soon forget!

Corinne has divided this book into three units: Unit 1 is the largest and covers "World Showcase." She has included detailed information about each country (history, culture, menu, etc.). She explains the features of each country at EPCOT and gives fun ideas to make your actual visit more enjoyable and educational. Unit 2 is entitled "The Rest of the World"; this unit provides further activities to expand on the study of the countries, as well as ideas to help start a unit study on any country of your choice. Unit 3 covers "Future World" at EPCOT, with a focus more on science. Within the above-mentioned units are the following features (which I love!): Find Out! lists topics for further research (such as Mexican holidays and their differences from U.S. holidays or what the colors in a certain country's flag represent). Try It! activities are hands-on fun with lots of ideas for creative projects. Taste It! offers easy ethnic recipes to share with your family. Did You Know? contains fun facts and bits of trivia. Check It Out! is similar to Find It! but the answers can be found right at EPCOT. Show Off! is full of great ideas for outside projects (service to the community, etc.), and Line Time! gives fun ideas for your family to do if you are stuck waiting in long lines at the park.

This book is a fabulous value at $14.95 and can be ordered through the publisher's website. For a few more dollars, they offer a set of In-Park Activity Cards. I did not receive these for review, but saw them mentioned in the book. I am sure they are worth the additional cost (only $3 if purchased with the book) and would serve to enhance your vacation. I will be watching for more great resources from Vacation Education Books!

Product review by Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2007

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