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America's Government and Presidents
(part of the Learning with WebLinks series)

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Like most homeschooling families, we use the Internet often in our schooling. No matter what we are studying, we know that there is a wealth of information at just the click of a mouse. However, the downside is the time spent on broken links and sorting for appropriate, relevant content. All of this can be avoided with the Learning with WebLinks books because they've done all the work for you! We have enjoyed using America's Government and Presidents, which is Volume 2 of this series. Designed for middle school and high school grade levels, this book begins where the first book in the series ends--after the American Revolution.

Section 1, "The U.S Constitution and Government," covers the framework of the Constitution, the branches of the U.S. government and how they work, and the Bill of Rights. Section 2, "The U.S. Presidents," is a chronological history of all the presidents and the major events of each presidency. There is also a biographical sketch of each vice president and First Lady. Section 3 covers our national symbols, monuments, and landmarks.

At the end of each segment, there is a list of great Web resources to explore. These links, as they say, "make the study of American History and Geography come alive." Learning with WebLinks books are printed on demand, which ensures that the links are active and current from the date of purchase. The company website posts updates for expired links, which is a real bonus. However, we didn't run into any during our study. Though this text holds a great deal of information, it is not overwhelming. There are photographs throughout and blank pages for taking notes, which is a nice addition. This comprehensive reference tool would be a wonderful enhancement to any history curriculum.

Product review by Amy Christy, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2007

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