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Discovery Ladybug (A Play & Discover cloth book)


3535 W. Peterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659

Discovery Ladybug is a heavily padded cloth book for toddlers. It includes six pages of story with a velcro flap closure, all designed into the underside of an adorable ladybug. At first glance, the ladybug appears to be simply a stuffed animal with wings and feet that crinkle, squeak, or rattle when handled. Densely embroidered eyes and mouth and knot-ended antennae complete the sweet and friendly face of the ladybug. The head is also a squeaker. The book begins with a tiny, attached ladybug character that can be moved throughout the book. It is fastened via Velcro and also has a hideaway pocket on the second page. Pages include lift flaps, crinkles, various textures, and brightly colored creatures.

Our toddlers completely enjoyed this Ladybug. Manipulating the tiny ladybug is fun, and the textures and crinkle features are engaging as well. As a stuffed animal, Discovery Ladybug is adorable and soft with cute little protruding legs that just beg for attention. As a book, it teaches a few directional positions while keeping toddlers interested and entertained. It would be a cuddly addition to a toddler's book shelf. We found our toddler "reading" it to his other less enticing stuffed animals.

As for story content, the Discovery Ladybug contains no reference to the Creator, but we were pleased that it didn't include evolutionary reference either. The rattle in one of the ladybug feet might be a bit hard for chewing toddlers (but it might just as easily offer some teething comfort). At a regular price of $20, this toy is a bit expensive. Although it's adorable, we would find it difficult to justify the expense. There are three other Play & Discover books available that we would love to own, but the expense would mount quickly when collecting all four.

The Discovery Ladybug is an adorable toy/book. We truly enjoyed its versatility. Children will find it engaging and enjoyable, and parents will appreciate the busy activities it provides. If you're looking for a stuffed animal that offers the learning value of a discovery toy, the reading value of a book, and the comfort of a cuddly friend, the Discovery Ladybug will fill the job well!

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2007

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