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God Made You Special! (Soft Sounds cloth book)


3535 W. Peterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659

The God Made You Special! Soft Sounds cloth book is a padded, eight-page book with "press" buttons for a child to press and hear a sound message from the book. Sounds include spoken messages from Veggie Tales characters, music, giggles, and more. The book closes with a convenient velcro strap and includes a cloth handle at the spine of the book. The book also comes in a handy plastic case with handle if you prefer to keep it more protected between uses. Filled with favorite characters and a variety of textures, flaps, and even a mirror on the last page, this is a book is fun for a wide range of ages. The book surface is washable and safety tested.

This book is recommended for ages six months on up to toddlers. The downloadable Parent Guide provides suggested activities according to age range (six to fifteen months, fifteen months to two years, and two years and older) as well as helpful hints that will encourage reading as a habit.

Our family enjoys anything related to the Veggie Tales. The story rhymes and is fun to read, but young readers may find the reading itself to be a bit difficult since it includes contractions and a few more difficult words like "bouquet" and "thoughtful." The rhyming is a fun way to learn new words and certainly helps the flow from page to page. The convenience of the plastic carrying case offers ownership to toddlers as they carry this item on vacations or even just around the house.

For families looking for activities to entertain toddlers during school time, this may not be an ideal choice unless the toddlers will be a good distance away. (The sounds are fairly loud.) Be aware that playing with this toy will very likely increase requests to watch Veggie Tales videos if your family has access to them.

For avid Veggie Tales fans, this book will offer hours of amusement and giggling. The bright colors, varied activities, rhyming reading, and multiple sounds buttons will keep toddlers interested and older children encouraged to play with younger ones. Although we are big fans of Veggie Tales, we found the regular price ($24.95) to be high for a toddler book/toy, particularly one that is surface washable only. Nevertheless, the point that "God Made You Special" is certainly well presented. This would make a well-loved gift for a special toddler in your life.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2007

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