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The Homeschool Primer

By Kathie Kordenbrock and Judy Shewmake
The Adventist Home Educator

PO Box 836
Camino, CA 95709

The Homeschool Primer is a simple little booklet stapled together and obviously hand-produced, but it packs a lot of good information in its 24 pages for those starting out on their homeschool journey. The booklet covers a variety of topics like "Reasons to Homeschool," "Achieving Balance with Practical Skills," and "Budgeting for Homeschool." The emphasis is on putting God first in your homeschooling activities.

This booklet is called a "primer" for a good reason: it is not intended to be a complete guide to setting up and managing the nuts and bolts of your daily homeschool life! It is an overview of homeschooling and what to consider when making that choice. The Homeschool Primer takes the natural, integrated, and real-life approach toward learning and discourages readers from running out and buying packaged curriculums. The authors stress the Bible should be used as the main curriculum. Along with the Bible, they recommend collecting nature books, biographies, and hands-on math, to name a few.

The topics covered in The Homeschool Primer will seem obvious and basic to anyone who has homeschooled more than a year or two; however, those considering homeschooling will benefit from reading the booklet. In addition, moms who feel they have succumbed to the "So many subjects! So little time!" mentality and have lost the vision of why they are homeschooling will benefit from the simple reminders presented here. I especially appreciated the sections on the three types of learners, the four personality types, and the five love languages.

The Homeschool Primer is an inexpensive and excellent resource to give to parents wondering if homeschooling is for them. Also, for our Hispanic friends, the booklet comes in Spanish: El Compendio de la Educacion en el Hogar.

Product review by Susan Marlow, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2007

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