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Noah's Ark 3-D Felt Playset

Soft Play Inc.
3535 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

The Noah's Ark 3-D Felt Playset is a book designed not only to be read, but also to be played with. Everything comes self-contained in a clear plastic carrying case with a handle. There is a large book that opens up and contains many large background scenes, more than 25 felt figures (in a zipper pouch for storage), several plastic stands to display the figures, and even a parent guide that includes tips on how to make your child's playtime a learning experience.

This particular "display and play" set is designed for ages three to six. Children under age three can definitely play with some adult supervision. My daughter is seven and she would still enjoy playing with this, so the age range is just a general suggestion. This is not specifically a homeschooling product, but it would make a fun addition to any home where young children live. As a homeschooling parent who also has a toddler, I am always on the lookout for fun things to keep my little one busy while the older children are doing schoolwork. This product is perfect for that!

Some of the benefits of this playset (and similar products by Soft Play) include giving children an early start to literacy, promoting imagination and creativity, strengthening listening and communication skills, and helping develop stronger memory and motor skills. I love educational products, and ones that are designed to meet more than one educational goal are always favorites of mine. We have had similar felt book sets in the past, and I was not impressed as they didn't come with storage and the pieces were always getting lost. This self-contained set, complete with storage case, is wonderful.

These products retail for $29.95. However, the Soft Play website has all 6 playsets available at a reduced price of $19.95 each. I admit that I would be hesitant to pay this amount for a book alone. Since I have received the Noah's Ark 3-D Playset and have seen it in use in my own home, I know the high quality of the materials used will withstand lots of years of play from my kids. Having played with this set, I will be more likely to purchase other products from Soft Play, and would definitely recommend them to others.

If you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift idea for a special little one in your life, check out Soft Play and the 3-D Felt Playsets.

Product review by Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2007

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