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I Had No Idea CD

Artist: Val Halloran
Clark/Halloran Music

548 Moore's Crossing
Roebuck, SC 29376

Val Halloran's I Had No Idea is a collection of songs written to inspire and encourage the listener's faith. The 11 songs, all written by Val, were obviously written with a heart to follow the leading of God. This CD is for listeners of all ages and has the sound of light piano, guitar ballads, and a rich voice proclaiming words of faith. It could be played in the background while you work or play or even during educational activities. It can be used by anyone wanting to be encouraged in his or her walk with God.

This is a very inspiring CD. The lyrics are powerful and filled with the love of God, which is very refreshing. With the help of keyboards, guitar, percussion, bass, saxophone, mandolin, and back-up vocals, this CD delivers a quality sound that is pleasant to the listener's ears.

This CD has a sound much like that of Anne Murray or Karen Carpenter, which is not a first choice for me. Even so, I was drawn to the CD's lyrics because they are so powerful. So even if the style of music presented is not your favorite, the strength of the message would make this a rewarding purchase. And if you happen to like this style of music, then you will enjoy it even more. Either way, the CD is an excellent choice to add to your library. You will be blessed.

Product review by Christy Sensenig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2007

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