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Word World DVD

Word World, LLC

155 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

Word World is a brand new DVD that is unique, engaging and fun! The PBS-produced TV series will be coming (fall, 2007) to a screen near you!

Word World is an educational, cartoon-type show, with a core group of seven animated characters (Word Friends): Sheep, Frog, Bear, Dog, Pig, Ant, and Cat The neat thing here is that the animated characters' bodies spell out their names! So when the child sees the character Dog, for example, he sees the word "Dog" as well. Very unique, and the characters are really cute. Words are the "star of the show" as they become the heroes of each episode.

The show has "Build a Word" segments in which the letters of a word morph into the object represented by the word. For instance, the letters of "box" morph into a box. Great visual for children! Word World packs compound words, plurals, rhyming, word families, and more into this DVD! The only reason you would not care for Word World is if you do not like to use TV as a learning tool.

Word World is geared toward ages 3-5. It is full of fun, humor, smiles, and of course learning!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2007

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