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Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision

By Susan K. Marlow
Kregel Publications

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Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision is the second book in the Circle C Adventures series for tweens. The book is 139 pages long, and the story is set in the San Joaquin Valley of California in the 1880s. The main character, Andrea Carter, prefers her nickname of "Andi," as she is not a dressed-up, dainty sort of girl. She is a rancher's daughter who rides horseback, plays ball, and competes with boys of her own age. Written by a homeschooling mom but not specifically for home schools, this book offers quality reading for older elementary students and young teens who enjoy suspense with a firm foundation in character-building Biblical basics.

We thoroughly enjoyed Andi's adventures in this book. The author shares moments of prayer, Bible verses, and the basic happenings of a one-roomed schoolhouse of years past. The descriptions of daily copywork and schooldays started with Scripture reading were wonderfully refreshing. Andi's family loves her and understands her high-spirited ways. They stand by her and support her at every turn with restraining discipline sprinkled with trust. She is taught obedience, even when it is difficult and especially when she is dealing with others who don't necessarily deserve her respect. Repeatedly this novel teaches the Golden Rule, treating others how we would like to be treated. It is truly refreshing to read a story that reveals the honest moments of a young teen who makes mistakes yet is consistently brought back to the ways of the Bible.

Quality reading is always appreciated in our home, and Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision is definitely a good read. Andi is a wonderful character. My only disappointment is that there are only two books in the Circle C Adventures series at this point. Our family will look forward to additional installments in the life story of this young woman as she experiences the wonders of the West with her family.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2007

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