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Bosch Universal with Blender

Ripe 4 Harvest
166 Laramie Court
Castle Rock, CO 80104

I absolutely love fresh baked bread--LOVE it! The BOSCH Universal is the ultimate "Mama's Helper" when it comes to bread making and kitchen chores in general. It IS fantastic.

I have been baking bread for quite a few years, and although I enjoy making bread by hand, I realized long ago that I am not great at it. I never got everything mixed well enough and would end up with pockets of flour. Or I didn't knead it enough or it didn't rise well enough--it was always something. I conceded and bought a bread machine. One loaf in 2+ hours was better than nothing, albeit not very practical, and what's with the 7-inch-tall loaf? It was just odd. I quickly burnt the motor out in it, and that adventure was done.

My husband graciously bought me a Kitchen Aid. While this was great (and very much appreciated), a Kitchen Aid can only take so much. They just aren't made for large quantity bread making, and it would handle two small loaves worth of dough, max. Now for some folks that is fine, and it worked for us for a while. (In our family, we mill our own grains fresh, and I make all of our breads from scratch, including dinner rolls, hamburger and hot dog buns, a delicious garlic/parmesean bread, and lots more.) However, doing the daily bread baking became a chore rather than the joy it ought to be. We knew a BOSCH would be a welcome addition to our kitchen, and it has been!

I can now bake up to 6 loaves of fresh bread in literal minutes of my time. (No, that does not include rise time or bake time. I am talking about my "hands-on" time.) The BOSCH Universal has a 700-watt motor and can handle 12 pounds of bread dough--wow! It comes with a heavy-duty steel dough hooks and wire whips--perfect for batters, sauces, and such. This saves me so much time and allows me to feed my family the fresh milled grains in my homemade bread, that I so desire, in a lot less time.

The BOSCH is more than a wonderful bread maker. I use it for all mixing jobs, and I can make double batches of just about anything with the capacity of a BOSCH. Homemade cinnamon rolls are easily whipped up in the BOSCH. If I make cookies, I have the room in the large-capacity bowl to double or sometimes triple the batch, which allows me to have cookie dough for the freezer and saves the time and electricity cost of making separate batches. The wire whips make a simple job of mixing up a huge batch of our family's favorite homemade pancake batter too. The list is endless!

The BOSCH Universal also comes with a blender attachment, and let me tell you, I have gone through 3, yes 3, blenders in 11 years of marriage. Though we did not use them daily, they just were terrible blenders--no speed and no power. The BOSCH Blender is the finest blender I have used in my kitchen. It actually works like a blender should! We make all our homemade baby foods in it. I can drop in a banana and some freshly milled brown rice flour ,and in seconds I have fresh homemade baby food--for pennies compared to the jars from the store and I know exactly what is in it! This blender can chop nuts and veggies, make sauces, you name it!

Ripe 4 Harvest sells BOSCH products, and they offer excellent service and support, recipes, tips on using your BOSCH, and more. I just love my BOSCH. It is an excellent kitchen tool and of the finest quality! A definite thumbs-up for the BOSCH!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2007

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