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Yes, It's True!! CD

By Ally Arnold
Ally Songs

PO Box 150884
Nashville, TN 37215

Yes, It's True!! is a music CD filled with fun, character-building songs for children. Ally Arnold sings child-friendly songs that are upbeat and enjoyable for small children. The eleven songs are "Yes It's True," "Do You Know?", "Responsibility," "Pep in My Step," "Excited," "I Love the Rain," "Respect," "Sunday School," "Agree to Disagree," "My Body Is My Temple," and "Sweet Jesus." Lyrics and chord charts for all of the songs are available on the author's website,

This CD was created for children, particularly those in preschool and early elementary. The songs are Biblical, encouraging, rhythmic, and easily sung by anyone. They teach morals and good character.

Our family enjoyed this CD. Although the music definitely comes across as preschool level, I found myself singing along and remembering the teachings later. The songs are simple enough for young children, but they carry wonderful messages--responsibility in the home and completing chores, obedience at bedtime, the enjoyment of attending Sunday school, and caring for our bodies as a temple, just to name a few. My older children laughed a bit at the simplicity and playfulness of the music, but they still heard the well-worded messages within each song. Most children will find that the music is upbeat enough to keep them listening while they learn character-building lessons.

This is simply a wonderful music CD. Some might find it too childish, but it is intended for young children. It hits that mark accurately and comes through loud and clear with a positive message.

Ally's singing style is pure and childlike and draws children in easily while presenting a truly meaningful message. Our family would purchase this CD for our younger children.

Product review by Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February 2007

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