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The American Revolution (Learning with WebLinks Series)

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White Plains, New York 10603

This text is part of a series that includes links to websites and is written for middle school and high school students. Now, I have had other books with web links that have "gone bad" soon after, if not before, the publication date. But this book is printed on-demand, which means that the web addresses appearing in each book are as current as possible on the date of purchase. Web links are checked periodically, and updates are posted on the company's website. I picked out a few sites at random, and once I made sure I had all the letters, etc., correct in the addresses, they came up fine.

The content covers the American Revolution, starting with the events leading up to the war and ending with 1790 (ratification of the Constitution and the beginning of the new federal government). The book includes mini-biographies of important people, color maps that show locations of major military battles, as well as information about those battles. This can be used as a workbook; it is in a comb-binding format and has "Notes" pages for student and/or teacher use. The websites provide a "virtual tour" of the places and events in the war era. Boys may be especially interested in the strategies employed by both sides before the conflict began and then how the conflict is actually resolved. There is not a lot of fluff. Though the book is comprehensive, details are concise and not wordy. The book has 130 pages (not counting the blank pages for notes).

I would recommend this book. I plan to use it for my son in the next year or two. At the very least, it is an excellent reference to the "why" and "where" of the Revolution as well as the immediate consequences for the new nation. If you live in the eastern U.S., it will also give you great ideas for field trips to reinforce the history being taught.

Product Review by Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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