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Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I and II

Reel Productions (distributed by Timberdoodle Company)

Our family has a pretty extensive collection of creation science books and videos, but these DVDs are among our absolute favorites. Why? Because they are not too simple for the older children to appreciate and not too complex in their explanations for the younger children--and their mother! Plus, my children of all ages love watching the different animals highlighted. They learn so many interesting facts to add to their Biblical creation arsenal (which they delight in relating to anyone who will listen).

The DVDs feature Dr. Jobe Martin, who was once an evolutionist and is now a creation scientist. Dr. Martin does a wonderful job of explaining special aspects of various creatures and how they could not have evolved but rather were created by a brilliant God. If evolution were true, these animals would never have survived the "in-between" stages while they were evolving. Simply put, these incredible creatures defy evolution and point directly to a Creator.

Do you know why woodpeckers don't sustain brain damage while hammering away at trees? Do you know how giraffes can bend down so low to get a drink without the blood rushing to their heads? How about the fact that elephants walk on tiptoes and why they were created that way? You and your children will learn so many fascinating creation facts, it is like taking in a whole creation biology course without even knowing it. And not only is it painless, it is extremely enjoyable for the whole family.

These DVDs are produced by Reel Productions and have a running time of 50 minutes each. They are also available in VHS.

I'll say it again--we love Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution and highly recommend these DVDs to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by Deborah Wuehler, Devotional and eNewsletter Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February 2007

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