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With Wolfe in Canada

Jim Hodges Productions

20601 S.E. 74th Street
Newalla, OK 74857

This unabridged reading of G.A. Henty's With Wolfe in Canada covers The Seven Years' War (1750s-60s). The boy of the story, James Walsham of Sidmouth, suffers a succession of misfortunes--the death of his father, getting mixed up with smugglers, and succumbing to a military press gang. James always makes the most of a difficult situation, however. He becomes a fine soldier and eventually fights with Wolfe's English forces on the Plains of Abraham.

The CD is 11 hours and 23 minutes--all on one CD in MP3 format. This means that the audio on these CDs can be played on your computer, or on an MP3-compatible CD player, or on an MP3-compatible DVD player. They will not play on a regular CD player.

What we appreciated most about this rendition of Henty's story is the fact that it is unabridged and is not dramatized. The story is simply and sweetly read, with plenty of expression and feeling, not unlike how you would read to your child. It leaves room for imagination and has no background noise to distract from Mr. Henty's beautiful writing.

These CDs would be great for any homeschool environment. They cover history wonderfully and accurately and give the child an example of great literature even before he is ready to read at this level.

Product review by Tamara Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2006

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