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Smart Fun Magnetic Playboard and Magnetic Playsets

Alphabet Alley

PO Box 22105
Houston TX 77227

Alphabet Alley has created some high-quality products for young children! "Smart Fun for Little Souls" is the tagline on all their products, and they are so right! They offer a variety of products to teach little ones about the Bible as well as "the basics" (ABCs, etc.). (We had the privilege to review a few things from their product line; look for more reviews on this site!)

We reviewed the Smart Fun Magnetic Playboard and the following Smart Fun Magnetic Playsets: Noah & the Ark, A Child Is Born, In the Beginning, The Good News, and One World. What a fun way to share Bible stories and Biblical truths with our little ones!

The 11"x22" Playboard has a desert scene on one side and a hill scene on the other. The scenes are simple and uncluttered so that the children are not distracted from the actual stories. It comes in a reusable, clear plastic carrying case for easy storage and travel when folded down to 11"x11". The Playsets have 17 pieces each. My girls, ages 6 and 9, loved these! They have a brother or sister on the way, and they are already brushing up on their storytelling skills!

The Playsets feature the same adorable graphics/characters used throughout the Alphabet Alley product line--they are simple, colorful, modest, and SO cute. All Playsets come in a reusable, heavy-duty vinyl carrying pocket with a Velcro attachment to keep the pieces securely inside. Moms have to love that! The Playboard and Playsets will get lots of use in our household. What a great way for the children to spend time together, learning, laughing, and sharing the Bible!

Easily used for ages 2 and up-possibly younger, as long as someone is watching to make sure the little ones don't put the smaller magnets in their mouths.

These products would make fantastic gifts and would encourage older siblings to sit and work with younger ones, all the while teaching the truths and stories of the Bible in a way little ones can understand--through FUN!

We love the high-quality products from Alphabet Alley. They are smart and adorable and also great teaching tools. Definite recommendation!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2006

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