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Why Won't They Listen?: The Power of Creation Evangelism

Ken Ham
Master Books

If you have never heard of, listened to, or read Mr. Ken Ham, you are missing out. I think this gentleman is THE creation evangelist of our times and the finest speaker on creation evangelism! Mr. Ham exposes the flaws of the world's evolutionary thinking, beliefs, and that of Darwinism.

In this title, Why Won't They Listen? Mr. Ham speaks boldly on our culture. Praise the Lord he is, too! He is a powerful speaker, backed by Scripture. You aren't going to beat that!

Our culture is one that embraces evolution, and most certainly not the Bible or its truths. More often than not our culture is even hostile towards Christianity, and this is increasing, rather than on the decrease. We need to really listen to what Mr. Ham is saying, in my opinion. Answers In Genesis is the ministry that Mr. Ham heads up, and if you have never visited the website, again you are truly missing out. The truth proclaimed is life changing, most certainly to those raised in a world culture that treats evolution as gospel truth and shows no regard for God, His commands, and the real truth.

Mr. Ham takes a look at why the world is embracing untruth, evolution, and the worldly culture of our day. Even the church is leaning in this direction! This is (my emphasis here) killing the church and weakens its very foundations. Mr. Ham talks of how compromising with the world and its evolutionary worldview has done such damage and how we need to correct that. Backed by God's Word, we need to share the Word and show them the truth. Once folks who are open see and hear the real deal, they are convicted.

We will always have those who will never come to God; that is a given. We will always have the world order shouting "EVOLUTION, SECULAR HUMANISM, ATHEISM & MILLIONS OF YEARS" theories. We need to gird ourselves with the truth and proclaim it loud and clear for the Lord, and for our future generations.

Mr. Ham is leading the charge of our day. This is an excellent book to find answers to those questions that are always posed, so that we have answers backed with Scripture to combat the enemy and lead folks to God's truth and the saving grace of Christ Jesus.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book and anything from Mr. Ham or AiG. Who wouldn't this book be for? I can't think of anyone, except maybe small children, as they wouldn't comprehend the full nature of it quite yet. It's a must read for anyone else in my opinion!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly & Family, The Old Schoolhouse, LLC, August 2006

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