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Birds of Prey

By Bruce Larson
Sequoia Ministry
8588 Oak Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 725-3630

This 24-page soft-cover study guide gives very thorough and specific information about birds of prey, including owls, hawks, eagles, and falcons, among others. The first two-page section, entitled "Investigating Birds of Prey," reads like a scripted lesson plan with parenthetical remarks to the teacher. It includes one activity and several discussion questions. The remainder of the booklet is organized by specific topic in an outline format.

There are no guidelines on how this booklet is to be used or to what ages/grades it is geared. The website states that the materials are for kindergarten through twelfth graders. Although this would be a difficult read for young children (specialized vocabulary, lots of small print text, no color, and little white space), high schoolers may find it a helpful resource.

Especially interesting is the list of Bible references to various birds of prey. An annotated bibliography with a list of recommended books to read and study would be a nice feature as would a glossary of technical terms used.

Unfortunately, my copy was hard to read in several places: tops and bottoms of some pages were cut off, and many diagrams were unclear with unreadable text. The booklet also has some spelling and grammar errors, which are distracting and disappointing.

Birds of Prey contains a wealth of information, from anatomy to migration to reproduction. More attention to detail and professional publishing technique, especially as far as organization and page layout, would make this item more appealing and useful.

Product Review by Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2006

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