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God Made Music 1

By Joe and Judy Swaim
Praise Hymn Inc.

PO Box 1325
Taylors SC 29687

God Made Music 1 is a music curriculum for children in the first grade, but it can also be used with children in K5 or second grade. If you purchase the Music 1 package, you'll receive a teacher's manual, one student workbook, and both CDs. Each of these items can also be purchased separately (for instance, if you need more than one workbook). Pages are not reproducible. There is also a set of music cards that is listed in the teacher's manual as "required" but only listed as "recommended" on the website. I didn't have the music cards but often wished that I did. So I do recommend getting them for an additional cost of $5.50.

A CD player, crayons, and a pencil are all the supplies you'll need. An accompaniment book is available for purchase for those who desire to play along on a piano or guitar. Rhythm instruments are also recommended, but I found that just clapping or tapping on a table or desk with our hands worked too.

There are 34 lessons in this program, and each lesson takes about 30-45 minutes. The course introduces the child to the beats of music, teaching them what different notes look like and the beats of the notes. The program also presents a few classical composers and several different musical instruments, such as a violin, trumpet, and flute. Students will learn the sounds the instruments make by listening to the CDs. The CDs play a big part in the learning experience because they are used in every lesson. The teacher's manual is very user-friendly. A teacher "dialogue" is written in pink letters to assist you as you work through the lesson. The program can be used for a homeschool setting as well as any other teaching environment. Music majors as well as first-time music teachers can use this curriculum.

I really enjoyed this curriculum. As a new homeschooler, I found it very easy to follow and understand. The workbooks for the children are great. There are colorful pictures and many different activities, such as coloring, dot-to-dot, and matching. The CDs are very entertaining. My kids have even requested them in our minivan.

I thought the price of the curriculum was a little high. It would be nice to see the CDs priced a little cheaper, thereby lowering the price for the package. I also wish they would go ahead and put the music cards in the "package" offer.

This is a wonderful curriculum to introduce your young ones to music. And the fact that it is God-centered makes it even better.

Product review by Dawn Perkins, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2006

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